Peak Impression Block (PIB)

The Peak Impression Block (PIB) is a unique LEAD-FREE tool for taking high definition impressions of objects, known or unknown, within the wellbore.  The PIB reduces operating time, whilst offering a safer and more environmentally friendly alternative to LIBs.

The Peak Impression Block uses high-performance, rapid-change inserts that eliminate the health and environmental issues associated with lead used in LIBs. PIB Inserts can be changed quickly and easily within seconds, enabling used inserts to be kept as a permanent record of operation. The PIB is also ideally suited to higher temperature applications where traditional lead-based impression blocks would be unsuitable.

A single jar down is all that is required to obtain a high definition impression. Upon recovery, the used PIB Insert is simply removed from the main body and replaced with a new Insert. The PIB is instantly ready for redeployment, enabling the used Insert to be kept for analysis.


  • To provide an impression of foreign or incorrectly positioned obstructions within the wellbore

Features & Benefits

  • Lead-free - eliminates health and environmental issues issued with standard LIBs (no filing of lead offshore, no melting lead, no hazardous fumes or hot metal)
  • High definition imprints
  • Simple to use and rapid to replace inserts within seconds.
  • Single-use inserts offer a permanent record of operation
  • Working temperature of 620 degF - High resistance to heat in excess of 450 degF that would melt standard lead inserts
  • Available in four standard OD sizes for 2-7/8-in, 3-1/2-in, 4-1/2-in, 5-1/2-in and 7-in completions

Product Code: 111