FloSafe Lock Mandrel

The FloSafe Lock Mandrel is a flow-secure locking device with a positive, confirmatory tell-tale mechanism in the FloSafe Running Tool, designed for the safe and correct deployment of Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves (WRSV).

The FloSafe Lock Mandrel is retrofittable to suit the uppermost “X” type nipple profile and prevents the possibility of unknowingly setting the WRSV incorrectly. The FloSafe Running Tool incorporates a positive, confirmatory shear pin tell-tale feature and in the event that the FloSafe Running Tool returns in the sheared position, the Expander Mandrel/Fish Neck has not fully travelled, indicating that the FloSafe Lock Mandrel has not fully set. To prevent FloSafe from opening and unseating the WRSV, the FloSafe incorporates a unique internal collet engagement feature which prevents the expander mandrel from opening during flowing conditions.


  • Safe and correct deployment of Wireline Retrievable Safety Valves

Features & Benefits

  • 100% retrofittable to suit existing upper most Otis “X” type nipple profiles
  • FloSafe incorporates a flow-secure collet engagement feature preventing flowing fluid or gas turbulence from opening the FloSafe Neck
  • FloSafe Running Tool incorporates simple shear pin tell-tale feature to indicate FloSafe has correctly set
  • FloSafe and the FloSafe Running Tool are of a simplistic design with no special tools required for redres
  • Supplied with lower connection options to suit customer requirements
  • Industry standard GS/GR type Pulling Tools required for retrieval of FloSafe
  • Material options available to suit customer requirements
  • Currently available for 2 7/8-in, and 3 1/2-in tubing, however various sizes available on request to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 380