Bearing Swivel

The Bearing Swivel is designed to allow free rotation of the toolstring and minimize line torque during slickline or cable deployment. The thrust bearing design ensures that the swivel continues to rotate smoothly when subjected to high loads.

The Swivel is generally positioned directly below the rope socket to prevent torque creating an issue with wirelines. The Bearing Swivel incorporates several design features including robust thrust-type bearings with an integral grease nipple to ensure internal components are continuously lubricated for a prolonged working and storage period. Critical internal components of the Swivel are also electro-less nickel-plated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion which is common with standard swivel joints.


  • Predominantly used to provide rotation in a wireline toolstring and minimize line torque
  • The Swivel can be utilized to provide a rotating point when handling long or cumbersome tools to aid make up or break out
  • Ideal for use during swabbing operations where prolonged high loads are encountered

Features & Benefits

  • Integral grease nipple: Ensures easy lubrication and prevent corrosion
  • Critical components ENP treated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion
  • Heavy-duty robust design
  • Integral Belleville Spring design to guarantee positive load maintained on thrust bearings to ensure continuous rotation
  • Debris Rings: Prevent ingress of foreign matter
  • Swivel components are supported at rotation point to prevent lateral movement and wear
  • Contingent fish neck on most lower joint components
  • Third-party proprietary connections available to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 130