FloWell offers a simple, safe, low-cost and robust solution for removing formation damage to improve well productivity.

Near wellbore damage such as crush zone damage within perforation tunnels or skin damage caused during drilling and completion can severely restrict production rates. FloWell is a slickline deployed system which can create a dynamic underbalance at any given location within the wellbore. FloWell uses Peak plugs to isolate the zone of interest and prevent unwanted stimulation of nearby zones. Situated between the plugs are the FloWell stimulation tubes that can be stacked to accommodate any given interval.

Once activated, the FloWell tubes create a sudden under-balance in the isolated region between the two packers. This induces a surge flow through perforation tunnels, designed to reduce flow restriction from crush zone damage and/or reduce the ‘skin factor’ created by fluids during drilling and completion.

FloWell enables standard slickline tools and procedures to be used, and is 100% mechanical, so requires no pyrotechnics, no electronics, and no pressure devices to activate the tool.


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