UHD Accelerator

The Ultra-Heavy-Duty (UHD) Accelerator is designed to be run in tandem with an identical UHD Accelerator to provide a high, controlled impact force when used in conjunction with the Peak Power Jar.

The unique ‘over-stress limiting’ feature is guaranteed to generate velocity for impact that is consistent, continuous and performs under extreme conditions during prolonged periods of jarring. Whilst reducing shock loading at the rope socket/swivel, the Peak UHD Accelerator is also designed to simulate wire stretch when working at shallow depths, deviated or tortuous wellbores when working with braided line. The Accelerator is positioned below the rope socket/swivel and any applied upward tension compresses the Belleville Springs whilst extending the ultimate Accelerator stroke length. As the jar fires, the stored energy accelerates the toolstring increasing impact on the fish or downhole device to be recovered.


  • For use with ultra-heavy-duty braided line operations

Features & Benefits

  • Unique ‘over-stress limiting’ feature dramatically increases the working life of the Belleville Washer configuration and accelerator components by preventing excessive stress on critical parts
  • Unique ‘over-stress limiting’ feature provides a consistently high impact without performance deterioration when used in conjunction with the UHD Power Jar
  • Unique ‘over-stress limiting’ feature removes 'in-operation' redress time and cost commonly associated and required with standard accelerators
  • Optimum usage configuration with standard or high-load accelerator set up options
  • Increased stroke length compared to most readily available accelerators improving jar impact
  • Integral primary and contingent Peak heavy-duty fish necks on all components which have a 60% increased load bearing area compared to standard fish necks, improving overall strength
  • Interchangeable Belleville Washers
  • Supplied with Peak 2 11/16-in UHD QC connections

Product Code: 124