Hydraulic Jar

High-performance tool for high-angle operations, with a unique inverted upstroke feature enabling performance continuity in high-debris environments.

The Peak Hydraulic Jar minimizes debris influx on the upstroke because its internal components are in the upper section of the assembly—unlike standard hydraulic jars. Also, any debris that enters the outer housing simply falls to the bottom of the tube and away from critical working components.


  • High angle standard wireline, or wireline fishing operations

  • High debris environments
  • High temperature wells

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces debris influx and increases performance in high-debris environments by inverting the latch and jar rod design

  • Improves impact force and reduces stem spacing requirement because of its increased mass above the jar rod
  • Simplifies and expedites redress with minimal working parts
  • Minimizes internal corrosion risks with hard chrome plating on critical components
  • Ensures consistency and accuracy of firing times with Lee Chek® and Lee Jeva® (check and restrictor) valves
  • Provides flexibility for application requirements with multiple connection options
  • Excels in high temperature wells up to 392 degF [200 degC]
  • Extends reach and performance in high-angle deviated wells by combining with Peak
  • Accelerator, Peak Linear Jar, and WellGlide* roller-centralizer sub

Product Code: 147