Heavy-Duty Non-Releasable Spear

The heavy-duty non-releasable spear is used for the recovery of downhole items with missing or damaged internal fish necks.

An adjustment sleeve varies the reach of the tool and interchangeable slips are fitted to suit the inside diameter that the spear is required to engage. The spear can be set using a conventional 'jar up to shear' tool and retrieved using a Peak heavy-duty full radial contact (HD FRC) pulling tool.


  • Retrieval of items with damaged or missing internal fish necks

Features & Benefits

  • Reach adjustment sleeve to suit varying engagement depth of slips
  • Interchangeable slips for engaging varying inside diameters
  • Slips interchangeable between releasable and non-releasable versions
  • Integral Peak HD dual fish neck
  • Simple to redress
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 212