IB Orientation Indicator

The Impression Block Orientation Indicator is an important component during operations where understanding the position of a fish within the tubing is critical.

The Orientation Indicator can be fitted to an Impression Block and activation of the sub is simultaneous with the downward jar whilst obtaining an impression. This downward jar action forces a mandrel to impress against a non-magnetic steel ball and a leaded bronze disc. The ball which is free within the chamber will always rest against the low side so the impression obtained on the brass disc can be referenced directly with the impression on the block. Confirming the low side of the tubing in relation to the position of the fish greatly assists the operator in selecting the correct tool for the next stage in the recovery operation.


  • Determining low side of wellbore in relation to fish to enhance recovery operations

Features & Benefits

  • Simplistic design
  • Reusable Bronze Impression Disc for cost-effectiveness and inventory reduction
  • Lead free for ease of use, quick turnaround and handling
  • Simple ratchet release mechanism for positive engagement and quick redress
  • Can be made up to any Impression Block equal to or greater than 2.500-in OD
  • Connection options available to suit customer requirements

Product Code: 226