Tubing Alignment Tool

The Peak Tubing Alignment Tool is designed to realign and create a conduit across parted tubing, allowing remedial work to be conducted below the tubing break.

The tool does not create a pressure seal as it is designed primarily to allow a deep set barrier to be placed below the tubing break in order to make the well safe prior to further remedial intervention.

The design of the Tubing Alignment Tool is highly subject to each individual application, dependent on location and nature of the tubing break.


  • Restoring well integrity in older ‘brown’ fields
  • Allowing the setting of deep set barrier below break in completion tubing to make well safe
  • Making wells safe prior to rig conducting workover

Features & Benefits

  • Simple slickline deployment and installation
  • Can be recovered to surface if required
  • Flexible design that allows for easy in-field set up once the length of the tubing gap is ascertained
  • Can be supplied with various options for landing-off in the upper section of tubing
  • Maximum through bore to allow passage of deep set plug on slickline or e-line
  • Will pass through most standard TRSCSSSV nipples
  • Recovered using standard GS-type Pulling Tool
  • Locking and No-Go fingers can be included for added retention
  • Tailor made solutions for all tubing sizes

Product Code: 290