Indexing Tool

The Indexing Tool is designed to rotate the toolstring bottom hole assembly (BHA) on a radial J Slot mechanism.

By simply sitting down and picking up, the Indexing Tool rotates and increases the lower connected tool coverage within the wellbore. This ultimately improves the probability to recover a fish that may be resting in a position within the well that makes standard recovery difficult.


  • To increase area coverage within the tubing string and improve chances of fish recovery

Features & Benefits

  • Minimum three-point indexing system (smaller OD tools)
  • Spring assisted ‘J’ Mandrel ensures Indexing Tool continuously rotates regardless of deviation etc
  • Multiple upper and lower connection options
  • Special designs can be made to suit customer requirements
  • The Peak Indexing Tool is supplied as standard with concentric threads top and bottom, and can be supplied with eccentric thread for specific applications
  • The eccentric lower thread design is useful in deviated and larger bore completions where a fish may not be sitting central - Care must be taken with the eccentric thread design to ensure that the effective OD of the offset tool does not compromise well intervention

Product Code: 222