Clamp-On Roller Centralizer

The clamp-on roller centralizer is designed to affix to and centralize wireline tools such as slim cement mapping tools (SCMT’s) to allow deployment in high-angle, deviated wellbores.

The Peak design allows easy adaptability to any wireline tool that has a dogbone OD and comes in a range of sizes to suit the well geometry. The centralizer sits free on the shaft and is kept in position by the larger OD’s on either side. The integral rollers reduce the contact area of the centralizer against the tubing wall and the body of the roller sub ensures that there is sufficient bypass when dropped in fluid.


  • To centralize wireline tools to acquire good quality well data in high-angle wells or where the liner top prevents wireline centralizers from collapsing
  • Rollerized design allows for deployment in high angle, deviated well bores

Features & Benefits

  • Ability to operate successfully in high angle, deviated wellbores
  • Robust design with minimal components
  • Designed to suit all Peak and third-party wireline tools
  • Dual securing application with large screws designed to locate into grooves and lateral clamping mechanism to ensure clamp-on roller centralizer is firmly secured
  • Rollers supplied in AISI 4140, 316 Stainless Steel, Nylatron or as specified by customer
  • Interchangeable rollers increase the operating range of the centralizer and provide the end user with effective options


Product Code: 107