Dump Bailer

The Peak Dump Bailer is designed to be run on the bottom of a toolstring to transport various fluids to a given depth within a wellbore.

By simple maniplulation of the toolstring the fluid can then be expelled from the dump bailer leaving it at a pre-determined depth within the well.


  • Dumping cement on top of permanent plugs
  • Depositing acid at scale restrictions
  • Depositing acid on flow control items that may be scaled up preventing recovery

Features & Benefits

  • Available with standard slickline connections
  • Simple, robust design
  • Easy and quick field redress
  • Can be supplied in modular design allowing field changeable variations in length
  • Can be supplied with various burst discs to suit every application
  • Cost-effective method of transporting fluids to given point within the wellbore

Product Code: 114