UHD Knuckle Joint

The Ultra-Heavy-Duty (UHD) Knuckle Joint, when incorporated into a wireline toolstring, provides flexibility in high angle, deviated wellbores.

The UHD Knuckle Joint incorporates several design features including integral grease nipple to ensure internal components are continuously lubricated for a prolonged working and storage period. Critical internal components of the UHD Knuckle Joint are also electroless nickel-plated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion which is common with standard knuckle joints.


  • To provide flexibility in a wireline toolstring to assist conveyance in high angle, deviated wellbores

Features & Benefits

  • Integral grease nipple to ensure easy lubrication and prevent corrosion
  • Critical components ENP treated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion
  • Integral primary and contingent Peak heavy-duty fish necks on all components which have a 60% increased load bearing area compared to standard fish necks, improving overall strength
  • Supplied with Peak 2 11/16-in UHD QC connections

Product Code: 125