Interchangeable Ring Broaching Tool

The Interchangeable Ring Broaching Tool is used for removing scale and debris from the tubing wall. Interchangeable Rings are slipped over a Central Mandrel and secured in place by the Top Sub. The Rings are supplied in various OD’s to suit the Tubing ID.

The Central Mandrel is ported to allow maximum bypass. This feature reduces any hydraulic cushioning effect when jarring down to remove debris and prevents the build up of debris above the tool.

An optional Bottom Sample Cup allows scale and other debris to be recovered to surface for further analysis.


  • Removal of scale, sand, perforation damage and wax from the inside of tubulars

Features & Benefits

  • Ported Mandrel for added bypass
  • Interchangeable Broaching Rings
  • Optional Sample Cup for retrieving debris sample for analysis
  • 360 degree effective cutting face
  • Simple to redress
  • Robust design
  • Inventory reduction

Product Code: 108