Modular Drop Bar System (Go-Devil)

The Modular Drop Bar System is a series of interchangeable components designed to increase the operational flexibility when there is a requirement for deploying a Drop Bar/Go-Devil to activate an Interface-type Cutter Bar.

The variable Drop Bar length and Bottom Sub options cover most wellbore geometries and downhole conditions. The Peak design also provides the option of incorporating the Peak Fluted Slip-Over and Slip-Over Roller Centralizers when deploying in larger bore or high angle wells.


  • For activating Cutter Bars
  • Providing a solid base to enable deployment of Cutter Bar
  • Can be deployed to regain mechanical jar action if lost

Features & Benefits

  • Can be deployed as a 2-ft, 3-ft or 5-ft section to suit operational application
  • Can be used using the Flat Bottom or Mule Bottom Sub options to suit operational application
  • Optional Fluted Slip-Over or Slip-Over Roller Centralizer options for deploying in larger bore or high-angle wells
  • Suits multiple line sizes up to 5/16-in diameter
  • Inventory reduction due to the unique modular design

Product Code: 122