Technical Papers

SPE-199800-MS Unique Electronically Activated Nonexplosive Wireline Cutter Provides Safe and Reliable Cuts on Largest Range of Slickline and Wireline Cables

The electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter drops from surface to sever slicklines and cables when a toolstring becomes stuck downhole. The cutter is activated via an electronic timer and trigger module. The cutter was originally desig…

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SPE-188468-MS Optimizing Cost and Restoring Integrity with the First Saudi Aramco Mechanical Descaling Using a Wireline Torque Action Debris Breaker Tool

This paper aims to address the great success of utilizing the torque action debris breaker (TADB) tool as a wireline mean to restore wellbore accessibility. The tool was trial tested to remove hard scale accumulation consisting of 95% Iron compounds.…

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SPE-177686-MS New Innovation Improves Performance and Reliability of Downhole Plugs

Sealing technologies provide a vital role in a wide range of applications no more so than in the design and development of Retrievable Bridge Plugs (RBP) where performance is a vital safety and operational consideration. Moreover, for workover operat…

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