Technical Papers

SPE-199800-MS Unique Electronically Activated Nonexplosive Wireline Cutter Provides Safe and Reliable Cuts on Largest Range of Slickline and Wireline Cables 25/03/2020

The electronically activated nonexplosive wireline cutter drops from surface to sever slicklines and cables when a toolstring becomes stuck downhole. The cutter is activated via an electronic timer and trigger module. The cutter was originally design…

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SPE-188468-MS Optimizing Cost and Restoring Integrity with the First Saudi Aramco Mechanical Descaling Using a Wireline Torque Action Debris Breaker Tool 16/11/2017

This paper aims to address the great success of utilizing the torque action debris breaker (TADB) tool as a wireline mean to restore wellbore accessibility. The tool was trial tested to remove hard scale accumulation consisting of 95% Iron compounds.…

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SPE-177686-MS New Innovation Improves Performance and Reliability of Downhole Plugs 12/11/2015

Sealing technologies provide a vital role in a wide range of applications no more so than in the design and development of Retrievable Bridge Plugs (RBP) where performance is a vital safety and operational consideration. Moreover, for workover operat…

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