Safe Enclosed Pull Test Sub

The Peak Safe Enclosed Pull Test Sub is a simple and effective device to increase safety and improve  current and potentially dangerous methods of pull testing braided line rope sockets prior to deployment.

Apart from ensuring the rope socket integrity, the pull test that ensures the winch is secured correctly and that sheaves and other securing/lifting attachments are fit for sustaining heavy loads or impact. The Peak design allows the pull test to be carried out totally contained within the lubricator. If the cable or tools part during the pull test, personnel would not be harmed & the equipment is unlikely to sustain damage as it is protected within the pressure control equipment.

The main body is made up to the interchangeable plate to suit the specific quick union which is then connected to the toolstring. The lubricator can then be lowered with the sub inserted between both mating quick unions. The lubricator collar would then be made up to the BOP and tension can be taken up and the pull taken on the cable to “bed in” the slips of the rope socket and test all attachments.


  • Safe pull testing greatly improving safety

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates external pull testing greatly improving safety
  • Supplied with connection options to suit any wireline toolstring
  • Interchangeable plates to suit any PCE quick union for inventory reduction
  • Can be used with all braided cables up to 5/16-in in diameter
  • SWL for all sizes is rated to 10,000 lbs

Product Code: 904