Pump Bailer

The Pump Bailer is designed to recover sand, gravel, gun debris or other loose fill from above or inside any subsurface flow control device.

The Pump Bailer operates on the fundamental lift pump and piston principle. During the upstroke of the Bailer, suction is created, drawing in debris through the Bailer Check Sub where it is retained. A ball check valve, integral to the internal rod assembly allows maximum downstroke for continuous debris recovery until the chamber is full.


  • Recovering loose sand, gravel or gun debris from inside flow control devices
  • Obtaining bottom hole debris samples for analysis

Features & Benefits

  • Bailer length, shoe, shoe length and checking device can be supplied to suit customer requirements
  • Bottom subs available: Half Mule, Full Mule, Castleated, Snorkle
  • The intermediate checking device ensures the shoe is changed independently reducing unnecessary expense if component requires replacing due to onsite modification or damage
  • Shortened bailer shoes ensure less downward travel required for optimal debris recovery
  • Inventory reduction due to interchange ability of parts between Peak Drive Down, Pump and Hydrostatic Bailers
  • Incorporating robust Stub Acme threads reduces likelihood of threads galling during continuous make up and break out of components where debris may be present
  • Robust design

Product Code: 114