WellGuard Hydraulic Hold Open Tool

The WellGuard hydraulic hold-open tool offers a hydraulic operated option for use on wells with pneumatic actuators operating the master valve.

Traditionally during well intervention on these wells, a fusible cap has to be installed on the pneumatic actuator rod to prevent undesirable closure should the ESD system be operated whilst wire/cable is across the master valve.

However in an emergency situation the master valve cannot be closed unless the fusible cap is removed or, in the worst cases, the heat of a fire melts the low melting point alloy.

WellGuard offers a hydraulic operated option to replace the fusible cap and ensure safety of the wellsite.


  • On wellheads that have a pneumatic actuator operating the master valve
  • Where a fusible cap is no longer desirable as a means of preventing the master valve closing during emergency situations

Features & Benefits

  • Simple design easily redressed offshore
  • Can be adapted to suit various actuators
  • Lightweight less than 10 kgs for safety during handling
  • Can be attached to the actuator temporarily for the duration of the well intervention
  • Emergency fusible plug for worst case scenarios
  • Allows for master valve control at the wireline panel

Product Code: 904