UHD Power Jar

The Ultra-Heavy-Duty (UHD) Power Jar is a high performance, fully adjustable spring jar with a unique inverted upstroke feature which has been developed out of necessity to ensure performance continuity in high debris environments.

Compared to standard spring jars, the internal workings of the UHD Power Jar are located in the upper section of the assembly. This ensures very little debris influx during upstroke and any debris that has entered the outer housing simply falls to the bottom of the tube, away from the critical working components.


  • For use with ultra-heavy-duty braided line operations

Features & Benefits

  • Inverted latch and jar rod to reduce debris influx significantly increasing performance in high debris environments
  • Increased mass above jar rod improving impact force whilst reducing amount of stem required above
  • Opposable Button Locking Mechanism to enable “on toolstring” adjustment & also maintain precise jar setting whilst in-hole
  • Peak Integral Dual Roller System designed to enable a near frictionless jar stroke to increase effective impact force particularly in high-angle, deviated wells
  • Minimal working parts to provide the operator simple and rapid redress with ultimate reduction in cost
  • Spring stack permanently relaxed and compressed only during firing operation increasing component working life with ultimate reduction in cost
  • Universal Hydraulic Calibration Sub to suit all connection types
  • Critical components ENP treated to further assist in prevention of internal corrosion
  • Supplied with 2 11/16-in UHD QC connection

Product Code: 220