Quick Connect (QC)

The Peak Quick Connect (QC) is a simple and effective wireline tool quick connection that offers a vast range of benefits versus sucker rod type threaded connections when supplied integral to tooling components.


  • Designed to simply and quickly connect two wireline tool components, the Peak QC can be incorporated into most wireline tool and toolstring assemblies and is proven to increase efficiency and performance with improved strength and added safety

Features & Benefits

  • 100% compatible with the industry standard QLS connection
  • Robust design with an increased tensile strength compared to equivalent sucker rod connections
  • Rapid make up and break out of toolstrings - around four times faster than sucker rod connections
  • Peak QC cannot be released downhole unlike sucker rod connections
  • Minimal moving components with a simple one piece laser cut locking plate and spring arrangement
  • No small buttons, springs, circlips or pins making redress simpler, faster and more cost effective than other types of quick connections
  • Peak QC components last longer than sucker rod threads which can stretch and weaken whilst pipe wrench marks permanently damage and deform wireline tools


  • No pipe wrenches required = no strains, cuts from burrs, upper body or facial injuries due to slipping pipe wrenches
  • Reduced exposure to making up and breaking out connections ultimately reducing potential for harm
  • Breaking out tools at height e.g semi-submersible operations are safer, quicker and easier with the Peak QC due to less time spent inman-riding harnesses, no heavy or cumbersome pipe wrenche use required at height and only one person required to make up or break out reducing exposure to potential harm

Product Code: 121