Flow Control

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SIM System
Superior, V5-grade slickline-conveyed downhole tools for high performance sealing integrity within fluid environment wells. Available for industry sizes 2-3/8 in to 7 in.

SIMplus System
Peak’s portfolio of V3-grade flow control products for high integrity sealing applications in demanding conditions of fluid and temperature cycling. Available for industry sizes 2-3/8” to 7”.

SIMultra System
Peak’s new generation of flow control products – a range of V0-certified downhole sealing systems incorporating a unique hybrid metal-elastomer seal technology proven to meet the extremes of high performance, high pressure, high temperature and gas wells.

The Peak flow control portfolio comprises a full range of industry-leading SIM sealing integrity management system technologies, which are rapidly becoming downhole products of choice for well intervention work among both operators and service companies.

Peak provides customers with a choice of fully accredited flow control solutions that can be set anywhere in the tubing string without the need for a nipple profile.