SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug

The SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug is an expandable barrier that creates a reliable and high performance downhole seal in fluid and temperature cycling environments. It forms part of Peak’s SIMplus range of ISO 14310:2008 validation grade V3 products.

The SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug can be mechanically set at any chosen depth within the completion tubing or liner without the requirement for a nipple profile.

Available in all industry sizes from 2 7/8-in up to the largest 7-in size, it can be deployed by all conventional conveyancing methods and, with its advanced setting mechanism, is the only mechanically-set V3-rated plug available, creating unrivalled operational flexibility and confidence.

The large internal diameter (ID) of the SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug makes this sealing system ideal for modular straddle applications, leak detection and where flow is restricted, offering excellent flexibility, high assurance and conformance to the most stringent of well barrier criteria. The SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plug is recovered using a conventional GS Pulling Tool fitted with industry standard Peak Multi-Action Top Sub (MATS) and Pulling Prong.

Quality controls (level 3) for the storage, maintenance and documentation for performance tracking and traceability are incorporated into the development of all SIMplus products.


  • Well suspension during completion, workover and well maintenance
  • Zonal isolation for leaks, water/gas shut-off or stimulation
  • Straddle for gas-lift
  • Downhole choke and inflow control
  • Packer setting and completion pressure tests
  • Suspension of downhole gauges

Features & Benefits

  • ISO 14310:2008 V3 accreditation
  • Simple to redress in the field minimizing NPT
  • Multiple setting options: mechanically on slickline, eline, coiled tubing, drill pipe or tractor
  • Debris tolerant design to limit ingress
  • Multiple equalising assembly options (Melon-, Prong- or Pump Open-type)
  • Ultimate flexibility to plug and divert flow using uni- and bi-directional flow
  • Operational assurance from high temperature/high pressure sealing element
  • Sour service components to NACE MR0175 specifications

Product Code: 351