SIMultra Retrievable Bridge Plug

The SIMultra retrievable bridge plug blends the breakthrough hybrid metal-elastomer seal technology with Peak’s trusted plug architecture to create a well barrier providing the ultimate in reliability and retrievability whilst maintaining the highest performance specification.

Available for industry standard tubulars ranging from 4 1/2 in up to 7 in, the SIMultra plug is fully certified to the highest ISO 14310 (API 11D1) V0-grade standard. The plugs have the smallest running diameter in their class, provide the highest available seal integrity, and retract to smaller than their original diameter thereby ensuring reliable deployment and recovery every time.

The SIMultra plug is set and retrieved using Peak’s modular, nonexplosive, PowerTool setting system which enables deployment in vertical and horizontal wells using all conventional conveyance methods. When combined with the SIMultra plug, the PowerTool system provides unrivalled operational flexibility and confidence, every time.

ISO certified Quality Control is incorporated into the development, manufacture, storage and maintenance of all SIMultra plugs.


  • Temporary Suspension: Reliable recovery and the largest running clearances in the industry make the SIMultra plug ideal for short- and medium-term well suspension whilst providing the highest V0-grade well control barrier
  • Abandonment: The unique hybrid metal–elastomer seal provides a full metal contact with the wellbore ensuring complete encapsulation of the seal system and is ideal for long-term, life-of-well, deployment or abandonment
  • Straddles: The SIMultra plug maintains the large throughbore of the SIMultra seal providing a flow path up to 50% larger than competitor systems and making the system ideal for straddle packer applications

Features & Benefits

  • Fully certified to ISO 14310:2008 V0-grade Quality Grade Q1
  • Simple to redress in the field minimizing NPT
  • Multiple setting options: slickline, e-line, coiled tubing, drillpipe or tractor
  • Bi-directional, high expansion, high load slips ensures secure setting
  • Independent positive retention of slips and seal ensures reliable retraction
  • Fully sequenced operation eliminates plug movement during setting
  • High integrity one-piece mandrel eliminates potential leak paths
  • Compatible with SIM system junk catchers and equalizing accessories

Product Code: 851