HD FRC Pulling Tool (Jar Up)

The Heavy-Duty Full Radial Contact (HD FRC) Pulling Tool ('Jar Up to Shear') will engage the Peak signature HD 45 degree Fish Neck and a standard 90 degree Fish Neck. The HD FRC Pulling Tool is designed for use in applications where it is not desirable or feasible to run a ‘jar down to shear’ Pulling Tool. This may include recovery of wire and/or fishing in highly deviated conditions.


  • Where a jar down to shear tool is not the preferred option due to the nature of the fish or well conditions
  • Conveyance and recovery of Peak Wire Retrieval System where a jar up to release function is required

Features & Benefits

  • Angled latch fingers make releasing in high angle wells trouble free
  • Incorporates Peak signature 45-degree heavy-duty latch finger face which creates easier release from 90-degree type fishing necks in high-angle wells
  • 360 degree full radial contact latch fingers mean heavy pulling weights are spread evenly across latch and fishing neck
  • Optional Bell Guide Bottom Subs for use in larger ID tubulars
  • 'Jar up to release' feature
  • Two shear pin size option
  • Robust design

Product Code: 224