Boost Running Tool

The Boost Running Tool, is used to convey and selectively set SIM and SIMplus products at any chosen depth by mechanical slickline.

The Boost Running Tool is enhanced by an in-built hydraulic chamber during downward jarring creating the high forces required to set large bore SIM and SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plugs or other devices at extreme depth and deviation.

The Boost Running Tool is made up to the selected device at surface and conveyed into the well on a conventional slickline toolstring. Peak’s field proven radial indexing system activates a set of slips to anchor the Boost Running Tool to the tubing wall at any desired setting depth. Like the standard running tool the Boost Running Tool is simply activated by downward jarring which primes the hydaulic boost chamber creating an augmented high force output to ensure the device is fully set. The Boost Running Tool automatically shears when the required setting force output is achieved, allowing the tool to be released from the device.

The setting force is applied via the hydraulic chamber to assist in amplifying the jarring force via engagement of a different piston ratio (approx. 2.5:1) after initial set of the slips has been achieved. The hydraulic Boost system is fully enclosed and does not rely on hydrostatic pressure to produce the required force output.


Used for selectively setting:

  • SIM and SIMplus Retrievable Bridge Plugs
  • Large Bore Gauge Hanger
  • SIM Permanent Plugs

Features & Benefits

  • Fully field redressable
  • Robust design with continuous radial indexing mechanism
  • 100% mechanical with with hydraulic boost to amplify jarring force
  • High force output by mechanical slickline
  • Suitable for setting large bore retrievable bridge plugs in remote locations where no e-line is available
  • Incorporates Peak’s field proven mechanical indexing system for accurate depth selection and setting

Product Code: 364