Straddle System

The SIM and SIMplus systems can be fitted with straddle tubes between an upper and lower packer to provide isolation across the straddled zone. There is no requirement for a different device – all SIM and SIMplus system applications use the same modular base components.

The straddle system has a unique selective latch mechanism on each straddle connector to enable recovery of the tubes one at a time should the straddle need to be retrieved. This can be critical for safety purposes when recovering the straddle section back into the lubricator. If the recovered straddle system is longer than expected because more than one straddle tube has been recovered, it may not be possible to function the xmas tree valves thus creating a safety hazard.


  • To isolate water zones
  • To isolate unwanted gas flow
  • To isolate a hole in tubing
  • To isolate a leaking device within the tubing - SPM, SSD etc
  • Can be deployed prior to setting a permanent patch in the well - this would allow the effect of setting the patch to be determined

Features & Benefits

  • Can be fully slickline installed and recovered
  • Stackable straddle tubes with selective release mechanism
  • Straddle tubes available in 5-ft and 10-ft length sections as standard (other lengths available upon request)
  • Maximized flow area
  • Quick and easy redress
  • 5,000 psi pressure rating; 350 degF temperature rating
  • Available with integral gas lift device (GLV straddle system)

Product Code: 354