Technology in Action


Case Study 1

Case Study 1 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Setting a critical well barrier in tubing with damaged nipple profiles.

Case Study 2

Case Study 2 : Data Acquisition

Collection of data with minimal pressure loss in flowing wells.

Case Study 3

Case Study 3 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Contingency barrier option on high value subsea wells to avoid additional rig costs.

Case Study 4

Case Study 4 : Wellbore Cleanup & Debris Removal

Recovery of magnetic junk in high temperature wells.

Case Study 5

Case Study 5 : Wellbore Cleanup & Debris Removal

Hard scale removal at multiple obstruction points.

Case Study 6

Case Study 6 : Fishing

Retrieval of equipment lost in the well and fast-track production restart.

Case Study 7

Case Study 7 : Fishing, Well Servicing with High Angle Wells

High Deviation Heavy Duty Fishing in North Sea.

Case Study 8

Case Study 8 : Fishing

Recovery of Safety Valve Lockout Tool which had parted downhole.

Case Study 9

Case Study 9 : Fishing

Retrieval of Sub-Surface Safety Valve (SSSV) with damaged Fish Neck.

Case Study 10

Case Study 10 : Fishing

Retrieval of Injection Valve backed off from 7” Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP).

Case Study 11

Case Study 11 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Trial deployment of slickline set SIM plugs and Peak Latch/Seal micro coil stinger for the purpose of selective zonal isolation and treatment.

Case Study 12

Case Study 12 : Data Acquisition

Data acquisition to monitor pressure build-up in a shut-in well.

Case Study 13

Case Study 13 : Well Integrity & Remediation, Well Servicing with High Angle Wells

Design a new tool that ensures the successful release of Tubing Conveyed Perforating (TCP) Guns from the suspension system in highly deviated wells, t…

Case Study 14

Case Study 14 : Well Barrier & Isolation, Well Servicing with High Angle Wells

Evaluation of an e-line deployed well tractor, well stroker, and slickline configuration toolstring for mechanical well interventions in highly deviat…

Case Study 15

Case Study 15 : Wellbore Cleanup & Debris Removal

To conduct a trial test to remove hard scale from production tubing using mechanical means thus restoring full bore access.

Case Study 16

Case Study 16 : Fishing

To cut 0.125” OD GD31MO wire at rope socket to enable the retrieval of stuck toolstring.

Case Study 17

Case Study 17 : Fishing

Retrieval of injection valve from tubing crossover at 10,400ft.

Case Study 18

Case Study 18 : Fishing, Well Servicing with High Angle Wells

High deviation fishing at depth in the Middle East.

Case Study 19

Case Study 19 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Isolation of failed inflow valve at high deviation.

Case Study 20

Case Study 20 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Successful location and stabilisation of a leak path in the completion string.

Case Study 21

Case Study 21 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Full workover avoided through innovative use of an LWIV to perform first subsea slickline intervention in Nigeria.

Case Study 23

Case Study 23 : Well Barrier & Isolation

Efficient straddle solution enables successful repair of production X-tree.