Melon-Type Equalizing Prong

The Melon-Type Equalizing Prong is an integral component of the Melon-Type Equalizing Housing, a commonly used method of achieving pressure across a set plug. It incorporates a tell-tale to indicate when the Equalizing Melon has been displaced.

Recovery of the Melon-Type Equalizing Assembly requires two-runs-to-pull. The Melon-Type Equalizing Prong is run prior to the MATS/GS Pulling Prong to equalize pressure across the plug and allow safe recovery. 

The Melon-Type Equalizing Prong is a simple design which is connected directly to a standard wireline toolstring incorporating Stem and Spang Jars. The Equalizing Prong is run into the plug and downward jarring severs the brass shear screws retaining the sealing Melon within the Equalizing Assembly. Once the Melon is moved "off-seat", equalization can take place.


  • To equalise the Melon Equalizing Housing

Features & Benefits

  • Equalizing Prong incorporates tell-tale feature to ensure Melon has moved into the “off-seat” position
  • Incorporates shearable centralizer to ensure the prong is guided into the plug correctly
  • Supplied with industry standard Sucker Rod (SR) type connections
  • Simplistic design with minimal components
  • Robust design

Product Code: 352